for two pianos or piano in four hands

Composition Dual was composed in 1992, originally for flute and double bass. This unusual combination of two melodic instruments of different registers determined the texture and the organization of this composition as well as its title (DUo+ALiquot). Soon new versions of this piece were created-for piano, for two pianos, for two guitars, string quartet as well as a large orchestra. All these were often performed at concerts and on television.

The entire composition is based on only two complementary lines and melodic series of eight tones without a single dense harmonic vertical. This melodic series, based on harmonic mode underlying most of my compositions, is evoked alternately by discant and bass.

The main series is presented as a whole in octaves and then treated differently in four sections thus becoming a sort of variation. The second section witnesses the imitation of bass and discant based on ever-encreasing repetitive pattern. In the third section the melodic series appears in the repetitive model of discant divided into groups of three tones above the regular bass. The fourth section is dominated by bass creating the distinctive rhytmic ostinato repetitive models based on four tones of series each. The fifth section is dominated by the discant melodic line leading slowly to calmness, which is also in the framework of four tone repetitive model. The sixth section is a coda where the discant-bass dialogue leads the music slowly to the original silence which generated it in the first place.

The main features of this and my other compositions are:

  • processual organization, a piece is created by gradual development of the initial melodic core with no abrupt changes or interruptions. Unlike some other earlier compositions which had been based on a single process, this one was created through a few short successive processes thus enabling a greater flow of occurences in time.
  • reduction, the piece is based on the minimal sound material, in this case the melodic series of eight different tones of harmonic mode.
  • repetition, a piece is created by an insistent recurrence of melodic-rhytmic models which are changing gradually and subtly thus creating the development and leading to the culmination.

Beograd, 4. August 2000.